Smart Multi-Family Properties

Manage your property with maximum efficiency by driving higher rents and reducing operational costs.


Average increase in unit rental price


Maintenance Cost Savings

iQuue-powered properties are worth it.

Properties outfitted with iQuue are better for business.

Higher Rents, More Rents, and Longer Rents

Better tenant experiences and unit add-ons drive higher, more and longer rents; what's most important. Properties with iQuue have seen dramatic increases in the hard metrics that matter most. Your financial spreadsheets will thank you.

Higher Rents

Maximum Staff Efficiency

Full control, all from your mobile device.

Time Tracking Know exactly how long each member of your maintenance staff is spending on each service ticket and understand average support ticket resolution times.

Full Staff Accountability Every entry into a unit is tracked and logged. Know who's doing what, when, and how long it took them.

Staff Optimization No more running around your properties unprepared. Your staff has full control from their smartphone.

Safe & Secure

We've designed and engineered iQuue with security top-of-mind. Not only is our platform built with the most secure technology, we've designed the experience for real-world security as well. Our goal was to be more secure than keys, and we accomplished it.

iQuue Access Management Traditional Key Management
Safe Keys can be lost, copied, stolen, etc.
Accountable When someone uses a key to enter a unit there is no record of who or when.
Low-cost Key management systems costs tens of thousands of dollars and are a continued cost w/ re-cutting and lock replacement.

Tenants Save Money, Tenants Stay

A tenant that saves money is a happy tenant. Communities powered by iQuue have seen substantial savings in electricity costs for their tenants. Thermostat, lighting controls, and automation from anywhere in the world create real $$$ savings.

Your Community. Their Home.

The iQuue platform is backed by SmartThings so your residents are able to customize and automate their Smart Homes with any device that works with SmartThings. Alexa? Google Home? Arlo Camera? No problem.

About iQuue

iQuue was developed by industry experts for use on their own properties, so we know it works. Others out there focus on the wrong thing, and not driving higher and longer rents. iQuue was built for this.

  • Everything you need to optimize your properties.
  • Increase staff efficiency to decrease maintenance costs.
  • Unlock the full potential of your properties.

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Everything you need to optimize your properties.